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Sunday, 22 January 2012 00:00


With these 25 cards provided by our staff and friends of the Forum, the number of cards reaches 5957, a number which, as we often repeat, is expected to grow! Keep an eye on this forum, where there are several lists of the cards in the works, and collaborate with us to provide and test new ones.

Finally, ITA + ENG in a single DB, a greatly enhanced AI, a new icon, you can view the cards in the Deck Builder, and new format for decks.
CardPics 1:32 packs available which replaces the previous version, 1.31.

We refer to history for a breakdown of other news.

Our thanks to all those who helped bring us into errors, and new codes fixed.

The databases are merged ENG + ITA, so there will be no need of Italian DB.

Decks format changed: You will need to delete and remove all files * .mdk in the folder \Decks, before installing the new version (which will put the new files * .deck).  This means that custom decks will be lost and you have to redo them from scratch (even if you remove them, the game will see them no more).

To find out how to retrieve the old decks, pls visit the FAQ specific here.

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Operating Systems:
Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2003 Server Windows Vista Windows 7

MagMa Changelog

This is a exhaustive changelog for new MagMa Magic Machine version.

*** Ver. 2.035 ***    ("Fusion")


  • - ENG and ITA database fused in one only database
  • - Developed AI in the choice of games (especially difficult level)
  • - Developed AI in aggressiveness (only difficult level)
  • - Improved AI with sources of mana of color of your choice
  • - Improved AI In the management of the number of cards in hand (only difficult level)
  • - Improved Automana functioning
  • - New intelligent system of cards refresh
  • - Fixed some grafich errors during the savegame loading
  • - New HD icon for Windows 7 and Vista
  • - Fixed spells aura that change the target management
  • - Fixed add-on G management
  • - Fixed priority bug with Krosan Restorer and the like
  • - Fixed bug of weakness on evocation with Dryad Arbor and the like
  • - Fixed triggers PlSpOw and PlSpAd management
  • - Added skill management "N2" (NU ad hoc for Meekstone use)
  • - Added effects management"TokenT" and "TokopT"
  • - Cards name longer in the window selection blockers
  • - Deck Builder: new file structure (decks *.mdk replaced by decks*.deck)
  • - Deck Builder: improved new cards viewer
  • - Deck Builder: now you can change decks format
  • - Deck Builder: new filter deck by format
  • - Deck Builder: fixed statistics viewing at 120dpi
  • - Fixed 136 cards in the database
  • - Added 20 cards by IXIOR/ANDREA/ENRICO, 2 by MARCO, 2 by ROBY and 1 by ORSOH (total 5957)