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Tuesday, 10 March 2015 00:00



This new release has the codename "Check Oil and oil filter" because it significantly does a great databases revision; then the Artificial Intelligence making it follow much better and fixed. In addition, many bugfixes thanks to the many reports we have received on the forum and on the facebook page.


CardPics 1.36 packs available in addition to previous version, 1.35.

Make attention: for all new installations, this cardpick requires installation of all previous versions of the packs available on the site.

We refer to history for a breakdown of other news.

Our thanks to all those who helped bring us into errors, and new codes fixed.

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MagMa Changelog

This is a exhaustive changelog for new MagMa Magic Machine version.

*** Ver. 2.039 ***    ("Check Oil and Oil Filter")

- Improved Legends and wayfarer at M14
- Editions/expansions database completely redone
- Additional rules database completely redone and merged with editions/expansions database
- Other refinements of AI in the choice of optimal targets (and even multiple)
- AI improvement using effects of tap / untap
- Other improvement about Automana
- Improved interface selection strikers window
- Improved interface of target window
- Fixed wording Token/Pedina on cards
- Fisex DoubleTarget and TripleTarget management
- Improved cards management with quadruple targets (using "QuadrupleTarget" as a race)
- Fixed various bugs with controlled cards that are destroyed
- Fixed various bugs with cards that change controller
- Improved engine management in Threshold and Hellbent
- Fixed bug of automana with rate sacrifices x forests (fx)
- Fix Mind Control (and the like) management on cards enjured from the cemetery
- Fixed rate "C" management
- Fixed chaining commands Rdscrd + Damage *CC in Pyromancy and the like
- Fixed Blink of operation with pawn cards
- Removed conflict of Endless Wurm with Bury__ command
- Removed conflict of Cromat with Spearbreaker Behemoth
- Improved add-on "à" and "á" management with Cemetery Puca and the like
- Improved Support unleashing trigger in the cemetery
- Added effects management "CtrlUL" and "CtrlTE"
- Fixed effects "CtrlET", "CtrlAC" and "ClonTK" management
- Added skill "NC" = like "NE" but also by the cemetery
- Added skill "NN" = "non-damaging"
- Added trigger "UnCtrl" = When you lose card control management
- Added trigger "DmgOwn" = unlike DmgOpp management
- Added trigger "ArIpOx" = like ArIpOw except itself management
- Added triggers "EnchPO" e "EnchPA"
- Target add-on rXXX changed in AXXX for conflict
- Fixed target "³" add-on management
- Introduced target "d" = non-Flanking add-on management
- Introduced target "S" = First Strike add-on management
- Introduced target "T" = Trample add-on management
- Introduced target "B" = non-Swamp add-on management
- Introduced target "o" = non-Snow add-on management
- Introduced target "ì" = without markers SEG+1+1 add-on management
- Changed unused race support 'Mammoth' (code 043) in 'Human'
- Added full race support 'Ally' (code 073)
- Added full race support 'Wolf' (code 074)
- Added full race support 'Werewolf' (code 075)
- Added full race support 'Demon' (code 076)
- Added full race support 'Golem' (code 077)
- Added full race support 'Homunculus' (code 078)
- Added full race support 'Eye' (code 079)
- Added full race support 'Scarecrow' (code 080)
- Added full race support 'Gate' (code 081)
- Added special values support "LI", "ai", "CX" e "X3" for database
- Fixed special value "X2" management
- Various minor improvements and visual fixes
- Deck Builder: interface improvements
- Deck Builder: filters completely redone
- Deck Builder: search with auto-completion in filters form
- Deck Builder: edition banner clickable for info (as playing the game)
- Total revision of cards database by MARCO
- Added 133 cadrs by MARCO, 33 by RICCARDO, 10 by ENRICO, 6 by ANDREA, 5 by CRISTIANO, 1 by BULGA (total 6273)