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Il Nucleo (Web Site Promoter), Vaporator (Initial Coder), Enrico (Forum Mod, Beta Tester, Develop.), Andrea (Cards, Beta Tester, Develop.), Pedro (Great Master of Cards, Beta Tester), Gabryk (Web Graphic), ShMk (Web Designer Magic-Style), Majerle (Beta Tester), Aninha (Cards), Max (Cards), Fra (Cards), Ikki of Phoenix (Cards), Gornova Alberto (Cards), Luis (Cards), Ixior (Cards), Marco (Cards), Roby (Cards), Orsoh (Cards), Mandible (Cards), Daminano (Cards), Francesco (Cards), Xyter (Cards), Cappo (Cards), Tejob Sergio (Cards, Beta Tester), Fabio Fedra (Basi Musicali), Antonio Iammarino (Basi Musicali), Simone (Cards), Federico (Linux installation), a tutti quelli che hanno testato le beta, riportato errori e consigli.

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