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Vers. MaDE: 0.982
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FAQ is an acronym for "Frequently Asked Question (s)", is considered a set of common questions with which we are confronted when you start to hack a new technology, a new tool, a new game. The FAQ area for this is one of the key parts of the entire project site and MagMa, the goal is to solve it from the ground the possible misunderstandings that can create and to proceed in developing a homogeneous and without any uncertainties. From here you should start your search for answers to their doubts, should start from the knowledge that the doubts of the individual are often the doubts of many. Gathered in part from the forums of magma in this section you will find a collection of FAQs with continually updated, which grow in a robust and precise skills of your Magma Magic Machine!

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1 How to retrieve my old decks? 4961
2 When a specific card will be included or new cards will be available? 4889
3 Run time error 339 5431
4 Where can I post new cards? 4236
5 Feature requests 3867
6 I report a bug, how do I? 3627
7 Online gaming 4691
8 Error "run-time '3170': Couldn't find installable ISAM" 6482
9 All Cards Pics View 5936
10 Error "Unable to load MSVBVM60.DDL" 6254
11 My Antivirus finds a virus in MagMa! 4671
12 Error MagMa files download? 6532
13 MagMa doesn't quit 4742
14 MagMa runs under Linux? 6882
15 MagMa runs under VISTA and 7? 5084
16 MagMa runs under MAC? 6163
17 MagMa runs under all Windows version? 4824
18 Screen Resolution / Cards that are badly displayed 5028
19 Turns in the game 4853
20 MaDE: how to import? 5344
21 Error "001 No database connection" 3407
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