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Vers. MagMa: 2.039
Vers. MaDE: 0.982
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MagMa Ver. 2.038
Sunday, 10 November 2013 00:00


This new release has the codename "Mp3" because it significantly improves Mp3 music format; then the Artificial Intelligence making it follow much better and fixed. In addition, many bugfixes thanks to the many reports we have received on the forum and on the facebook page.


CardPics 1.35 packs available which replaces the previous version, 1.34.

Make attention: for all new installations, this cardpick requires installation of all previous versions of the packs available on the site.

We refer to history for a breakdown of other news.

Our thanks to all those who helped bring us into errors, and new codes fixed.

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Operating Systems:
Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2003 Server Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8

MagMa Changelog

This is a exhaustive changelog for new MagMa Magic Machine version.

*** Ver. 2.038 ***    ("Mp3")

- Improved music controller, now it support Mp3 format
- Fixed recognition of the area playing / hand on screens in 16:9
- Improved AI in thei markers use SEG-1-1
- Fixed AI in the payment of the cost "A"
- Fixed AI in the assessment of its mana
- Enhanced AI in some choices
- Salibrated SmartRefresh in some situations
- Added management trigger "CrPyGx" = like CrPyGr, but other than itself
- Added skill "M3" (Unearth)
- Removed loop in some game situations
- Fixed some jumps passing priority by MagMa
- Fixed summoning sickness, when you take control of a card
- Fixed management trigger "CrPyGr"
- Fixed conflict effect PlyTop with controlled cards
- Fixed conflict if Masticore does discard Masticore
- Fixed conflict of Energy Chamber with Masticore
- Fixed conflict of Excommunicate (and similar) with token
- Fixed bug with Marrow-Gnawer (and similar)
- Fixed bug with Fortitude (and similar)
- Fixed bug with Seal of Primordium (and similar)
- Fixed bug with Marker Beetles (and similar)
- Various minor improvements
- Deck Builder: several fixes in the interface to save the deck
- Deck Builder: added expansion filters M13 and NPH
- Revision of 28 cards in the database
- Added 25 cards by RICCARDO, 6 by ENRICO (total 6086)

MaDe Ver. 0.981
Sunday, 10 November 2013 00:00

New version also for the Database Editor Magma!

We recommend that you install and possibly use it in a folder different from that of Magma Magic Machine (copy and then add the file to be edited Magic.mdb), because it is a beta version might alter the official database of magma.
If you want to collaborate in the drafting of the Manual of MADE, please contact us via the forum.

Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and code fixes.


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Operating Systems:
Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2003 Server Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8

Sunday, 15 July 2012 10:25

We are working on a summer release that soon you will find online!

Release in process: 2.036

Stay tuned on MagMa.....


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