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Vers. MagMa: 2.039
Vers. MaDE: 0.982
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Problems? Check the FAQ!
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 01:51

If you are having trouble downloading or configuring software / hardware Magma Magic Machine before contacting us check out our FAQ, "Frequently Asked Question (s)" that is frequently asked questions, very often there are already answers to your questions or directions for risolveresituazioni unexpected. Also see the Support Forum!!!

If you meet any of these FAQs, please contact us via the form "Contact Us" on the left menu or drop on the support forum.

Each new your report is a feedback and its resolution will become a new FAQ posted on the website available to all.


Benvenuto in MagMa Magic Machine!
Friday, 02 November 2007 01:00

Some of you already know Magma Machine Magic, but someone will learn to love him just now. This is the new space entirely dedicated to Magma Magic Machine where you can find the latest news, the new files to download to play and be updated. Project Magma initially supported by the brilliant work of Vaporator was hosted to date from the Core, one of the oldest and most important Italian communities dedicated to role-playing games. We are supported in the core which is still active on the Official Forum of magma, but for various needs, including also the success that the program has been achieved up to now, we've created this website entirely dedicated to the game for PC. Magma is and remains a freeware game, free for all lovers of the universe of Magic: The Gathering card game Wizards of the CoastHere we have introduced a module on the home for voluntary donations (paypal) open to all people interested in helping in the least degree of management expenses of the Web Site.

For years, support for this project as well as others related to RPGs, and believe me, never as the other project Magma Magic Machine is a living project with continual upgrades, expansions and requests your feedback: tell us therefore with the appropriate media errors, your decks, your suggestions and the results of testing..

MagMaAlex Bernardi, a young Italian/Milanese with great potential and with a great passion for Magic, is the programmer of Magma Magic Machine has detected that the project Magma (Magic Machines) Vaporator of bringing it to version 2. Magma 2 allows you to play Magic against the computer. In the new revolutionary version 2 Alex has solved a huge number of bugs, has revamped graphics and sound system, improving playability and ease of use

CAUTION: To download magma and its components for now do not need any login, otherwise for the forum you must register and log in from the forum and NOT from this website.

Elwood the WebMaster

Next MagMa Release
Monday, 09 August 2004 08:30

We can't predict release dates, because it depends on many factors -- among others, our available time. Remember that MagMa Magic Machine is made voluntarily.
You can help speed things up by submitting patches, cards, desks, donating, reporting bugs, ...
Look the site for next news!

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