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This topic lists Magic sets and expansions who do not have any more cards available for editing in MagMa. In other words, all cards in each of the sets listed here have already been released, or are in progress, or have been examined and found unfeasible with the current engine.

To convert a deck in an older format so that it can be used with MagMa v. 2.035, it is sufficient to do the following operations:
  • rename the .mdk file changing its suffix to .deck
  • open the .deck file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and insert a new line at its very beginning, containing just character "/" (slash); then save and close it
In the new  .deck format, the first line contains the formats to which the deck belongs, separated/followed by a slash (e.g. EXT/ or EXT/T2/). The formats of a deck can be checked and saved from the DeckBuilder, and used to filter decks in window New Game.

Se avete dei mazzi vostri che vi servono e volete convertirli al nuovo formato, vi basta aprire il file di tipo .mdk col blocco note, aggiungere una riga ALL'INIZIO conntenente solamente il carattere "/" e poi salvare come .deck. Il gioco è fatto.

Nel nuovo formato .deck, la prima riga contiene  i formati a cui appartiene il mazzo separati/seguiti da "/" (ad es. EXT/ o EXT/T2/).
Una volta convertito il mazzo al nuovo formato, é possibile selezionare i formati in cui il mazzo é valido direttamente dal DeckBuilder quando si apre il mazzo (nuova colonna in alto a destra), in modo da poterli selezionare utilizzando i filtri di formato nella maschera Nuova Partita.

Hi All,

currently, it is not possible to correct a mistake in the choice of blockers. It would be nice to have a button to undo a selected blocker choice. By pressing the button when a block choice is selected, the choice is removed from the lower window, the the creature blocked is placed again among the unblocked attackers, and the blockers are placed again among the available blockers.

Thanks in advance for you comments


Hi All,

card Kami of the Honored Death (Kami della Morte Onorevole) text and abilities are wrong. In particular:
  • ability Life-link is used, which has the opposite effect on controller's life points with respect to what is in the card text
  • ability Soul-shiftseem to be affecting non-spirit cards, sometimes belonging to opponent's deck

At the first opportunity, I'll post either a fix for the card, or a savegame where the malfunction can be verified by other editers and by Alex, if skills that I do not have turn out to be needed for sorting this card out.


MaDE function AutoImport imports all cards present in folder Importer with consecutive card codes starting for the first unused code in MAgMa database, regardless of these codes being already used and without warning the user that the operation may corrupt the database. If some of the consecutive card codes contain cards, the effects of the card imported are added to the card already in the DB with the same code, and the name of the card is changed to that of the imported one.
Until this problem is resolved, replacements of existing cards must be imported one by one with function Import Card, while function AutoImport can only be used to append brand new cards to databases without any gap between the card codes already used (like those normally contained in a standard release of MagMA).

If, when saving a deck, a '/' (slash) symbol is typed in the Name field of dialog box Save your deck..., after pressing button OK and error message box appears saying: "Errore di run-time 76: Impossibile trovare il percorso". Clicking on button OK of this dialog box closes MagMA. Instead, the user should be told that '/' in deck names are not allowed and be asked to correct the deck name accordingly; after that, the user should be brought back to the save dialog box.


No matter how many counters are already present on Aether Vial, MagMa always chooses to add one more during upkeep, making this card useless when the number of counters present exceeds the highest mana cost of a creature in MagMa's hand.

It is desirable to have a mechanism in the IA for making, at some point, the Abort effect more desirable than the addition of a new counter.

I look forward to reading comments from whomever is interested in this card


In MagMa ver. 2.033 the Deckbuilder shows bottom-right of the screen the picture and text of the card currently selected. It would be nice to add somewhere the list of expansions the card belongs to.

Let me know what you think, thanks


In Magma ver. 2.033, basic color filters (white, green, blue, red, black) select only cards that have that color as their only color. Multicolor cards can be seen only selecting the gold color filter, that shows all multicolor cards regardless of their color. Often, when building a two-or-more-color deck it is very convenient to see toghether all cards of the colors chosen and multi-color cards with at least one color in common with them (but just those).
In conclusion, it would be great if white, green, blue, red, black were modified so as to include also multi-color cards with at least one color meeting the filter condition.

Let me know what you think


Hi All,

I am dedicating quite some time to card fixing, to improve the way they are used by MagMa A.I. This is giving  me occasion to play with MaDe 0.976 (by the way, I am going to post my card improvements in my topic dedicated to card-related issues and fixes, at,5.0.html).

I must say that I have not encountered real bugs using MaDe 0.976. Rather, I came to think of a couple of improvements that could give good benefits MagMa card makers. I will describe them in this topic. Like in my other topics, I will dedicate a single message to each issue report or feature request. Of course, I am particularly interested in Alex Bernardi's comments about the feasibility of a new MaDe version dealing with them, but I'll be happy to read here comments and reports/requests from you all.

As already agreed with Alex Bernardi, I'll be writing my issue reports in English, to be understood from MaDe users throughout the world. Anyhow, contributions in Italian are welcome as much as those in English.

Talk to you soon


Hi All,

the expansions of some cards that are present in MagMa 2.033 seem to be missing from combo box Expansion mid-left of window Deck Builder. I did not do a complete checks, but I could not help noticing the following ones:

  • Magic 2010,Magic 2011 and core sets in general
  • Conflux: Akoum Refuge belongs here
  • EV - Eventide (it. Vespro): Sturdy Hatchling (Cucciolo Risoluto) and Favour of Overbeing (Favore dell'Eminenza) belong here

Thanks in advance for your comments


Hi All,

when any expansion is chosen from combo box Expansion mid-left of window Deck Builder, several cards that do not belong to expansion selected are visualized in the top-center box.
In fact, while a typical collection comprises around 150 cards, the number of cards selected is always more than 2000.

Thanks in advance for your comments


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