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Titolo: RESOLVED: MaDe Rel. 0.976: issues & feature requests
Inserito da: zendigawalux - 16 Gennaio 2011, 21:52:48
Hi All,

I am dedicating quite some time to card fixing, to improve the way they are used by MagMa A.I. This is giving  me occasion to play with MaDe 0.976 (by the way, I am going to post my card improvements in my topic dedicated to card-related issues and fixes, at,5.0.html (,5.0.html)).

I must say that I have not encountered real bugs using MaDe 0.976. Rather, I came to think of a couple of improvements that could give good benefits MagMa card makers. I will describe them in this topic. Like in my other topics, I will dedicate a single message to each issue report or feature request. Of course, I am particularly interested in Alex Bernardi's comments about the feasibility of a new MaDe version dealing with them, but I'll be happy to read here comments and reports/requests from you all.

As already agreed with Alex Bernardi, I'll be writing my issue reports in English, to be understood from MaDe users throughout the world. Anyhow, contributions in Italian are welcome as much as those in English.

Talk to you soon

Titolo: A.I. Maker: management of multiple best phases of effects
Inserito da: zendigawalux - 16 Gennaio 2011, 22:33:26
Hi All,

this message requests a feature that I believe will be very helpful for improving the A.I. handling of several cards that are already in MagMa, and will also make it easier to make new cards better managed by current A.I. Of course, cards that are already in MagMa will need to be edited to take advantage of this new feature, if and when it will be implemented.

A brief introduction first. MagMa's A.I. requires an accurate compilation of field PcValue to play cards and activated effects. This value combines information of several types, among which the best phases to play the effect. If I understood correctly, MagMa AI activates an effect only in phases that are among the best phases indicated here. It is possible to indicate any number and combination best phases, from no-phase-at-all to all-possible-phases; in some cases, if no phase is selected, the effect may be never activated by the A.I.. The way to choose it is explained in section PcValue\Spells of MaDe reference manual.

In MaDe, field PcValue can be edited in a user-friendly way from screen A.I. Maker. Unfortunately, screen A.I. Maker does not allow a card editor to choose more than one best phase to play an effect. This because the choice of the best phase is allowed through a combo box, and combo boxes allow only one of the possible alternative to be chosen. I request here that the combo box for choosing the best phases be replaced with a different interface, allowing multiple selection (e.g. a check-box, or a list-box configured so as to allow multiple selection).

A workaround for this shortcoming is putting multiple phases in the PC cost by manually editing the second 4-digits group from the left in the AI box from screen MaDe - Main Manager. However, if you do that you'll have to remember to never use screen A.I.Maker any more to modify the PC cost of that card-effect. If you do that on a card-effect where multiple best phases are selected, you are going to see the best phase combo box empty, and you run a very high risk to corrupt the PcValue of card-effect if you happen to click button Modify to close the screen.

Thanks in advance for your comments

Titolo: Search cards by text
Inserito da: zendigawalux - 17 Gennaio 2011, 22:46:47
One of the most effective ways to implement a new card in MagMa is to use,  as a starting point, a similar card which is already in MagMa database.
Similar cards usually have similar texts, and the task of finding such a card would be much easier if it were possible to search cards whose text contains a specific string input by the user. MaDe Rel. 0.976 already have a text search function, but it only works on card names. It would be nice to extend the search functionality enabling the user to choose whether to search only card names, only card texts, or both.

Thanks in advance for your comments

Titolo: Re:MaDe Rel. 0.976: issues & feature requests
Inserito da: AlexBern - 18 Febbraio 2011, 22:15:19
The following improvements were done:
- Multiple selection for Best Phase To Play It (in AI Maker)
- Search by card text
- Search by ability 2-char code

The new features will be available in v0.977.
Topic closed.