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Titolo: Aether Vial (Fiala Eterea): unlimited counter addition
Inserito da: zendigawalux - 03 Marzo 2011, 22:02:16
No matter how many counters are already present on Aether Vial, MagMa always chooses to add one more during upkeep, making this card useless when the number of counters present exceeds the highest mana cost of a creature in MagMa's hand.

It is desirable to have a mechanism in the IA for making, at some point, the Abort effect more desirable than the addition of a new counter.

I look forward to reading comments from whomever is interested in this card

Titolo: Aether Vial (Fiala Eterea): AI regression on MagMa 2.035
Inserito da: zendigawalux - 15 Gennaio 2012, 19:27:43
Hi All,

MagMa v. 2.035, whose release is imminent, contains several changes to the AI part that decides effect activation during the game. When this feature is activated (it is active only at level Best), the AI is now much more aggressive than before when it comes to play spells. However, the results are mixed when it comes to using activated effect. Most activated effects that now are used more aggressively than before, while a minority of those that were regularly used up to version v. 2.034, are now neglected.

This is the case of Aether Vial: in this version, MagMa never chooses to add a new counter to any Aether Vial in its battlefield during its upkeep.

We plan to have a look at this issue in a later, not so far in the future, version of MagMa. In the meantime, comments by whomever may be interested to this card are more than welcome.

Titolo: Re:Aether Vial (Fiala Eterea): unlimited counter addition
Inserito da: Suntiwong - 16 Agosto 2018, 12:02:11
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