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Inserito da: snowball87 - 17 Febbraio 2011, 14:16:19
suggest to use for the CPU
getting advantages in the permanent loss of which can give a bonus, for example:
if mogg fanatic destroed sacrificy this creature using his ability
or creatures on batlefield Clickslither and Raging Goblin opponent controls, player play Volcanic Hammer and chooses to Clickslither since Clickslither power more than Raging Goblin, the CPU must sacrifice equally valuable permanent in order to save more valuable.
this can be include to the use of cpu Raveneous Baloth which he immediately satsrifitse using his ability and is often due to the fact that the cpu is trying to repeat this action several times a game off.
the easiest thing is to try to create a "system of values. "
cpu should take into account the number of their hitpoints, cards in hand for muligan and opportunity to kill your opponent in this move
about Counterspell ideas but to counter if you have mana for it unfortunately is not
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Inserito da: Dominic - 01 Marzo 2019, 06:09:57
This kind of thinking I've never seen before.