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Cards from Dark Ascension
« il: 03 Febbraio 2012, 12:42:16 »
The following cards from expansion Dark Ascension are un-edited at the moment. Feel free to contribute, by editing or testing.
As cards are submitted by editers, this message is edited and reposted. Cards removed with respect to the last previous post are marked with a strikethrough.

Artful Dodge
Bar the Door
Bone to Ash
Briarpack Alpha
Burden of Guilt
Burning Oil
Chant of the Skifsang
Crushing Vines
Dawntreader Elk
Deadly Allure
Drogskol Captain
Drogskol Reaver
Elgaud Inquisitor
Erdwal Ripper
Faithless Looting
Farbog Boneflinger
Favor of the Woods
Feed the Pack
Fires of Undeath
Forge Devil
Grim Backwoods
Harrowing Journey
Havengul Runebinder
Heckling Fiends
Hollowhenge Beast
Increasing Ambition
Kessig Recluse
Lingering Souls
Markov Blademaster
Markov Warlord
Midnight Guard
Moonveil Dragon
Mystic Retrieval
Nephalia Seakite
Niblis of the Breath
Niblis of the Mist
Niblis of the Urn
Reap the Seagraf
Russet Wolves
Sanctuary Cat
Saving Grasp
Screeching Skaab
Shattered Perception
Skillful Lunge
Somberwald Dryad
Talons of Falkenrath
Thought Scour
Thraben Heretic
Torch Fiend
Vault of the Archangel
Wild Hunger
Wrack with Madness