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Cards from Conflux
« il: 03 Aprile 2011, 00:51:04 »
Next messages in this topic list editable cards from expansion Conflux that are un-edited at the moment. Feel free to contribute, by editing or testing.
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Editable Cards from Conflux after rel. 2.034
« Risposta #1 il: 09 Luglio 2011, 22:35:12 »
The following cards from Conflux are un-edited at the moment. Feel free to contribute, be that editing or testing:

Absorb Vis                
Bone Saw       
Brackwater Elemental
Canyon Minotaur
Constricting Tendrils
Controlled Instincts
Corrupted Roots    
Cumber Stone
Darklit Gargoyle
Dragonsoul Knight
Elder Mastery
Exploding Borders    
Extractor Demon
Fiery Fall
Gleam of Resistance
Goblin Razerunners
Grixis Slavedriver
Hellspark Elemental          
Ignite Disorder    
Infectious Horror
Jhessian Balmgiver
Knotvine Mystic    
Maelstrom Archangel
Manaforce Mace
Mark of Asylum
Master Transmuter
Might of Alara
Molten Frame    
Nacatl Hunt-Pride
Paragon of the Amesha
Pestilent Kathari
Rotting Rats
Sacellum Archers
Scornful Ęther-Lich
Shambling Remains    
Sludge Strider
Spore Burst    
Suicidal Charge
Sylvan Bounty
Tukatongue Thallid
Valiant Guard    
Vectis Agents
Voices from the Void
Wandering Goblins    
Wild Leotau    
Yoke of the Damned