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ToDo List: future forecasts
« il: 20 Gennaio 2011, 22:04:49 »
Although, given the nature of this hobby project, it is difficult to pigeonhole our activities in a real working plan, we have tried to set priorities for our work, that from time to time we revise and clarify according to our interests and time availability.
This topic describes them.
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Re:ToDo List: future forecasts
« Risposta #1 il: 04 Settembre 2011, 19:18:29 »
- Createall all cards supported by the game engine up to M10 base set and expansion Alara Reborn
- Update and complete the list of unsupported cards

At this stage, supporting new races, abilities, and functions is not a
priority, even if we may decide to add some for the ones most requested by users or team members, provided that they are simple to implement.

Supporting newer expansions than those above is not a priority, with the exception of cards in newer expansions that are reprints from expansions above.

In any case, we will accept, and, if they work, include it in the first
release cards posted on the forum, even if they fall outside the scope of this phase.

- Support (completely or at least partially) the later expansions of Magic
- Scan the entire database for cards that can benefit from function AICost (already developed but not completely exploited) and update them
- Think of other ways to improve the AI, even looking at the ideas in the thread specifically dedicated user forum
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