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Cards from Magic 2011
« il: 04 Aprile 2011, 22:39:50 »
Next messages in this topic list editable cards from set Magic 2011 that are un-edited at the moment. Feel free to contribute, by editing or testing.
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Cards from Magic 2011 (update after rel. 2.036)
« Risposta #1 il: 23 Settembre 2012, 14:00:27 »
The following cards from Magic 2011 are un-edited at the moment. Feel free to contribute, be that editing or testing:
As cards are submitted by editers, or new cards, previously unfeasible, become feasible because of evolutions of the MagMa engine, this message is edited and reposted. Cards removed with respect to the last previous post are marked with a strikethrough, cards added are highlighted in red.

 Act of Treason       
 Aether Adept    
 Air Servant
Ajani's Mantra

Alluring Siren    
 Ancient Hellkite
Arc Runner
 Armored Cancrix
 Assault Griffin
 Back to Nature
 Barony Vampire
 Berserkers of Blood Ridge

 Blinding Mage          
 Blood Tithe
 Brindle Boar    
 Brittle Effigy
 Call to Mind    
 Canyon Minotaur
 Chandra's Outrage    
 Cloud Crusader
 Cyclops Gladiator
 Demon of Death's Gate
 Dryad's Favor
 Duskdale Wurm
 Earth Servant
 Elixir of Immortality
 Ember Hauler          
 Fauna Shaman    
 Fiery Hellhound
 Gargoyle Sentinel
 Garruk's Companion
 Grave Titan    
 Greater Basilisk
 Hoarding Dragon
 Hornet Sting
 Hunters' Feast
 Ice Cage
 Inferno Titan    
 Inspired Charge
 Jace's Erasure
 Jace's Ingenuity
 Jinxed Idol    
 Knight Exemplar
 Liliana's Caress
 Liliana's Specter
 Manic Vandal
 Maritime Guard
 Merfolk Spy    
 Mighty Leap    
 Mind Control
 Mitotic Slime
 Mystifying Maze
  Nature's Spiral
 Nether Horror
 Nightwing Shade
 Obstinate Baloth
 Palace Guard
 Phantom Beast
 Primal Cocoon
 Primeval Titan
 Prodigal Pyromancer
 Pyretic Ritual
 Quag Sickness   
 Reassembling Skeleton
 Roc Egg
 Rotting Legion
 Runeclaw Bear    
 Sacred Wolf    
 Scroll Thief
 Siege Mastodon
 Solemn Offering
 Sorcerer's Strongbox
 Spined Wurm    
 Stabbing Pain    
 Steel Overseer
 Stone Golem    
 Stormfront Pegasus
 Sun Titan
 Sword of Vengeance      
 Sylvan Ranger    
 Temple Bell    
  Thunder Strike    
 Time Reversal    
 Tireless Missionaries
 Tome Scour    
 Volcanic Strength
 Wall of Vines    
 War Priest of Thune
 Warlord's Axe    
 Water Servant
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