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Hi All,

as recently agreed within a private mail exchange with Alex Bernardi, from now on I'll be writing my issue reports in English, so that they can be understood worldwide.

Like my latest report within topic Magma 2.033: bug e problemi generali titled Mixed type and text information of selected non-land from player's hand" this one concerns the area middle-right of the MagMa screen, showing the details of the card selected, or of the card being launched by MagMa.

For card "Witch Hunter", this area shows a truncated text when the card is selected from the human battlefield. The complete text is shown  when the card is selected from anywhere else, be it the human hand or MagMa battlefield, or when MagMa launches the spell. In the zipped bitmap attached, I am showing side by side the card details in both situations.

For easier replication, I am also attaching a zipped game save where the witch hunter is present in both the human hand and battlefield.

Until now this is the only one card I noticed this issue on, but I suspect it may affect other cards whose text contains newlines; fortunately they are not that many.

Thanks in advance for your comments

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Re:Witch Hunter (Cacciatore di Streghe): truncated text
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There was a bug in the savegame loading procedure for multi-line texts. Problem corrected.

This update will be included in release v.2.034.
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