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Happy New Year to you all,

the first issue report of year 2011 is about a problem that was also present in Sid Meier's game Magic, The Gathering. Needles to say, this issue did not prevent myself from having several hundred hours of fun playing with that computer game as well  :)  so I guess it isn't so much of a problem... But let's go back to the main subject of this post.

Like it happened in the older game, when a creature controlled by the computer is blocked by two or more creatures controlled by the human player, damage may be assigned to the human player even if the power of the attacking creature is not sufficient to inflict lethal damage to all blockers. In this case, MagMa assigns lethal damage to the weakest blocking creature, and the remaining to the human player. This is incorrect, as Magic rules clearly prescribe that, when a creature with trample is blocked by two or more blockers, only the damage left (if any) after assigning lethal damage to all blockers may be inflicted to the human player.

I am attaching a game save that allows to easily replicate this issue. The game save is taken at the beginning of MagMa's attack phase, right before MagMa chooses attackers. To replicate the issue proceed as follows:
a) Load the game save attached
b) Pass priority. MagMa will attack with Havenwood Wurm and Gorilla Berserkers.
c) Pass priority. The blocker selection window will appear.
d) Assign all available blockers (2 Serra Angel and a Skyshroud Falcon) to Havenwood Wurm and click on button OK.
f) Keep passing priority to MagMa until the damage assignment phase will be completed

As can be seen from the messages that will appear in the History box bottom center of  MagMa window, MagMa will assign all damage inflicted by Havenwood  Wurm to Skyshroud Falcon, getting for 4 damages through to the human player, and leaving both Serra Angels intact.

If instead, at step d above, only 2 Serra Angels are assigned to block the Havenwood  Wurm, all damage is assigned to just one of them, pushing 1 damage through to the human player.

Thanks in advance to whomever will care to comment

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