Autore Topic: RESOLVED: Mixed type and text info of selected non-land from player's hand  (Letto 2714 volte)


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Hi and Merry Christmas to you all,

like my latest report, this one concerns the area middle-right of the MagMa screen, showing the details of the card selected, or of the card being launched by MagMa.

For cards other than lands, when they are selected from the player's hand, all or part of the card type are actually shown in the card text area (see attached compressed image for an example). The same information are shown as they should if the card is selected from either battlefield (see attached compressed image showing the same card selected from the player's battlefield).

Thank's in advance to whoever will comment.

Meanwhile, I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all


P.S. Like the other issue reported about the card detail area, this one is not so disturbing once you get used to it. Anywhay it can get you confused the first time you play with cards you have never played with before.
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This update will be included in v2.034.
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