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Hi All,

I just realized that Magic rules visualized at the corresponding section of Magma Help are rather old (2003). In fact, they lag behind MagMa implementation itself, because MagMa has been already updated to follow some of the latest rule revisions. For instance, the mana burn rule (eliminated in set Magic 2010) is still present at point 300.3 of MagMa Rule help, despite the fact that mana burn has already been eliminated in MagMa Ver. 2.032. Also, the numbering of most rules has changed significantly since 2003, which makes it difficult to compare the rules supported by MagMa 2.033 with the latest official Magic rules.

Even though very few players are likely to notice the difference, it would be nice have a copy of the latest Magic rules in next version of MagMa.

Thanks in advance for your comments

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Re:MagMa Help: section Rules vs. current Magic rules
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Rules visualization engine powered and rules files updated to 04Feb2011 for ENG version and 01Oct2010 for ITA version.

This update will be included in release v.2.034.
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